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8th Graders Excel at Regional Science Fair

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Nine Bulldogs earn gold medals for their research projects

Kearney Junior High School students from the eighth-grade Science Research Class achieved outstanding results during the 71st Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair in April.

The Bulldogs entered their science projects in the Junior Division, which included local public and private schools from across Missouri and Kansas. The goal of the fair is to promote education in the “STEM” fields: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, according to event organizers.

“This science fair was a real validation of the outstanding educational experiences our students receive at Kearney Junior High School,” Science Teacher Rachel Cerra said. “Our students had some amazing projects and held their own against students from much larger school districts. We are very proud of them.”

Mary Shaw

Nine KJHS students earned gold medals for their projects. Mary Shaw received 3rd Place in the Materials Science category and was also selected as a Broadcom MASTERS award recipient.

Gold Rating

  • Seth Ballard-The Effects of the Type of Light on Plant Growth
  • Rubi Canales-The Effects of Music on Pea Plant Growth
  • Holly Fort-The Effects of the Color of Text on Ability to Remember
  • Skye Jones-The Effects of the Type of Material Used and Amount of UV Exposure on Growth of E. coli
  • Brennan Judkins-The Effects of Time of Floor Exposure on Amount of Bacterial Growth
  • Mary Shaw-The Effects of the Type of Regolith Texture on the Strength of a Brick (3rd Place in Materials Science category, Broadcom MASTERS award)
  • Charity Smith-The Effects of the Color of Light on the Growth of a Tomato Plant
  • Ethan Whitehead-The Effects of the Type of Disinfectant on Bacterial Growth
  • Noah Whitehead-The Effects of the Keyboard Switch Color on Typing Speed

Silver Rating

  • Malarie Sheley-The Effects of the Amount of Air Pressure on the Distance of a Soccer Ball
  • Marlee Spicer-The Effects of Caffeine on Plant Growth
  • Rylie Wells-The Effects of Gender on the Ability to Remember Lucid Dreams

Bronze Rating

  • Thaine Blumer-The Effects of Gender on Morals
  • Patrick McNellis-The Effects of the Type of Water on Pea Plant Growth
  • Carter Meiners-The Effects of Caffeine on Pea Plant Growth
  • Ben Schurke-The Effects of Water Temperature of a Shower on Sleep
  • Trey White-The Effect of the Type of Liquid on Pea Plant Growth

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